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Many Afflictions


A friend shared this scripture with me during my cold, dark January:

“My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations” (James 1:2)

Divers=”many”        Temptations in the Greek translation=”afflictions”

Count it all “joy” when you’ve fallen upon many afflictions????

Some afflictions are self-created, some are created by the free agency and choices of others, and some just plain HAPPEN.

The ones that just plain happen hold great potential to catapult us into spiritual maturity.  Why?  Because they are not created by the arm of flesh, they are generated as divine tutorials under the omniscient micromanagement of heaven. 

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One of the layers of meaning to Sacred Stations involves discerning and honoring the Sacred within your current life Station…even amidst soul-wrenching emotional devastation.

Sacred Routines, Spiritual Surrender, Self Nurturing…   I was teaching these concepts early last month at my workshop, Nourish Thyself.   I remember having the distinct impression during a group exercise that He was going to be taking me to a new level.

It’s one thing to teach divine principles and quite another to be taught them.

At the time of this workshop, I was living in a beautiful home, 6 weeks pregnant (after a difficult miscarriage 4 months prior) and on a spiritual and temporal “high.”  

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I recognize this first post will be cast into cyber-sea, fluttering aimlessly before anchoring where it needs to. Truthfully, if it only anchors ME, it’s accomplished its mission.

My purpose in sharing the deep musings and offerings of my heart through a blog is primarily to secure a personal lifeline – to cling to a source of peace, direction and comfort – as I try to drown out the screaming voices of the world and connect to the whispering voices of heaven.

Somehow this post has miraculously found its way to your shores (aka your Sacred Station). Out of curiosity, how are the waters?  Calm, troubled,

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