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Females Just Want to be FREE

happy-girlsYou know that song, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun from the ’80s?  I’ve never really been a play/barrel of fun/life’s a party kind of personality, but I’ve always really gotten that song.  I’m thinking maybe “fun” could best be interpreted as FREEDOM.

We all want to feel free.  Our femininity and creativity are huge factors in this.  We want to be who we are.  Free to go and do what sings to us, embrace what we were created to have and become. Dance in our authenticity.  Celebrate our aliveness.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to be that which you truly are.”  (Joseph Campbell)

Who we are is housed in the recesses of our hearts as DESIRE. 

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Welcome to Earth

Today I learned of the birth of my little “niece”, Brianna Kathleen.  I have niece in quotes because technically she’s not my niece.  At least not by traditional familial standards.


In my heart, though, she most definitely is.

When my sister Shawna took her life in 2005, she left behind five young children (ages 12, 8, 6, 4 and 2).  Her husband David was completely devoted to her and for many years tried every avenue and available known resource to help her depression heal.  Priesthood blessings, in-patient treatment, 12 Step Programs, clinical therapy, medications and many other forms of therapeutic intervention.  Nothing ever seemed to “take,”

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The Two Who Are Missing

I’m about to share something really personal, even Sacred to me.  I wouldn’t normally post such things, but I’m feeling the, “It’s okay, others might need to hear this” prompt from the Spirit.

I am 41 years old and my husband Jeff and I are not done having children.   We thought we were – seven years ago – after our youngest was two and I’d suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage.  We figured the Lord had completed our family and the three cherished children we’d been blessed with were it.  I accepted this, even though I’d always wanted more kids, and just went forward with motherhood and my life mission.


A few years after that,

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12 Sacred Stations of the Feminine Soul, part three

In Part 2 we discussed how Deity seem to organize and assemble things in twelves to achieve perfect balance and structure.  Twelve is a type of ordinal fulfillment represented repeatedly throughout heavenly and earthly creations.  Including our bodies.

In Part 1 we discussed how energy, or Light and/or darkness, are held in the Sacred Stations of the body.

The Ancients called these “wheels of light” or, chakras.  If you have read about chakras, then you probably know that there are seven generally recognized Stations or centers of Light, ordered this way:


Many people cringe when they see color wheels in a picture of the body. 

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By Her Own Hand


Oh, how my heart aches today for my friend whose 17 year-old daughter just took her own life.  Jessica was (is) a beautiful girl with so much love inside, so much kindness and empathy.  An empathy born of her own struggles with despair and hopelessness.  Able to see pain in another’s eyes because of the pain behind her own.

In her obituary, written by her grieving father:

She was employed at a Senior Living Center, where she shared compassion, friendship, and service to the elderly residents with whom she loved with her whole soul.  She was happiest when she was serving others, and had many cherished and spiritual experiences with these elderly friends….[Jessica had] an enormous heart filled with compassion for others,

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