Meaning of Sacred Stations

If you haven’t noticed already, there are heavy nautical and cartographical references within the context of Sacred Stations. There’s a method to my madness. It’s kind of my way of piecing parts of this whole “Earth Plan” into grand perspective.
Plus, I like metaphors and analogies a little too much, probably.
Here’s my overall gist:

The feminine soul in and of itselfcan becomea Sacred Station (or vessel) of light, Truth, beauty and power. Earth School holdsgifts for every woman as she passes through Sacred Stations (or lessons)in divinely appointed times and seasons. Her premortal, mortal and postmortal Sacred Stations (or spheres of existence) hold eternal potential in hope, light, love, joy and Truth.

Each daughter of God is trying to navigate a spiritual/emotional body of light (her spirit) through a dense physical sphere of darkness (her body and surroundings)to ultimately arrive at her promised land, or “fullness of joy”.
Being aware of and nurturing the dimensions of her soul (spirit + body) is one of the most challenging tasks of her Earth School experience.
compass-rose4She needs divine direction (her personalized “celestial compass rose“) to orient her towards joy, beauty and wholeness…a state of divine feminine balance.
More importantly, a woman must awaken to who she really is (her original Map or divine blueprint) and counsel with her Mapmaker (God, the Father) at every Station in the journey, as He is the one who is preparing her promised land and has designed a Chosen Coursespecifically for her.
whiteassnowA woman’s challenge is toreceive her Station with the Captain (Jesus Christ), as He guides herthrough an individual process of sanctification. Then together – as One – they journey to her land of glorious promise.

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