Monthly Archives: July 2010

How Could He Love Them as I Do?

Thirteen – almost 14 – years ago, my entire existence did a complete 360.  Since 1996, I have been consumed – yes consumed is the perfect word here – with feelings I didn’t know I possessed.  Feelings that seemed to burst right out of me, spontaneously.  Naturally.  I’m talking about raw, instinctual, powerful emotions.  Pure love.  Overwhelming joy.  Pure frustration.  Overwhelming fear.

In 1996, I became a Mother.

My Noah, my “firstborn in the wilderness”…10 days overdue, 40 hours of labor (12 of it excruciating enough to propel me to pray to die), 3 hours of pushing out all 9 pounds of him.  He took his time; his wise,

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Finding Her

We are all walking around homesick.  Missing our heavenly home is the sadness we cannot name, the itch we cannot scratch, the ever-looming “something is missing” emotion we can never pinpoint.

sh-finding yourself in the world

All the daughters of heaven cycle through this regularly.  Our spirits intuitively know we’ve been disconnected from some ancient and serene part of ourselves.  Finding her (this part of you buried under earth cloaks) is your life quest.  Knowing her…an even higher quest.

Depression and disconnection from your authentic feminine self happens when you lack the awareness of how to bring heaven to earth.  How to bring light into dark places.  How to illuminate the truth and bury the falsehoods.

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