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I’ll get to Part 2 of the FULL Potential in the real near future. I feel to go a different direction tonight. In my second-to-last post, entitled “How Could He Love Them as I Do?” I shared my very personal journey with my soon-to-be-14-year-old son Noah’s “health” and “developmental” struggles…and the recent miraculous results we have gotten with a certain treatment plan. I’m actually not sure what to call his challenges, because even health and developmental doesn’t quite describe it. Emotional doesn’t describe it either. Noah is not textbook Aspergers (a high-functioning form of Autism that he was officially diagnosed with)…in fact, he barely fits the profile much at all. How about just saying that he inherited a body that has caused his great soul some angst?
I have read many times, a variation on this same statement (regarding why there is an epidemic of Autism and ADD/ADHD and many other spectrum disorders plaguing this generation of children in epidemic proportions): THESE CHILDREN ARE MESSENGERS. They were willing to come down and get a body riddled with environmental and emotional and physical “issues” in order to shine a light on what we need to fix and clear up. In essence, they’re the clean-up crew. These noble spirits were willing to metabolize a whole lot of earthly poison to show us what we must heal. What we eat, how we treat each other, what we breathe, how we live – generations and generations of “crap” – is showing up in the children of today.
So that it might be addressed, cleared… and eventually healed.
I was a little cryptic in that earlier post about one of the challenges I mentioned Noah has struggled with…the hair pulling. It is a debilitating and tragic disease called Trichotillomania, affecting about 2% of the population. The prognosis is grim at best; most people who get it struggle with it for life. The picture I found online that most resembles how bad Noah’s Trich was before our miracle looked about like this:


Again, this is not him, but it looks a whole lot like the amount of hair he’d pulled over 5 months’ time, with its sporadic regrowth. The top part of his hair was long enough that I was able to hide most of what he’d pulled, but the pulling was progressing so rapidly that it was getting harder and harder to hide. You can imagine how this issue would affect the self-regard of a 13-year-old, walking the corridors of middle school. The next step would have been for him to pull every hair out of his head. I could not conceive of that happening, and he was horrified at the prospect. Yet he simply could not stop this monster attacking his mind and heart…this monster that wanted him to pull, pull, pull.
I had a very distinct impression some time ago that Noah had somehow metabolized the generations-old emotional state in my family lines of being so frustrated they wanted to just “pull their hair out.” As I mentioned in my “Missing Shawna” post, I have lost myriads of family members, my sister Shawna included, to suicide, anxiety, and severe depression. Many of them couldn’t stay grounded, hated being in their own skin, felt like they were going crazy, etc. Not having cleared many of these dire emotional states prior to leaving this Earth, I somehow began to sense that Noah was a walking benefactor of some of these spiritual/emotional issues his predecessors had carried.
As I addressed in my book, Where Depression Ends and You Begin (being rewritten as The Depression Cleanse), we do not just inherit physical characteristics from our ancestors. We also inherit their emotions. This is well documented, fascinating research.
Having this awareness was our first step and pivotal, as it was the angle we addressed throughout his cleansing. I have to say, Noah’s “cure” is still a work in progress. Yes, we absolutely experienced a miracle, but I’m not naive enough to think we’re completely out of the woods. He’ll continue to experience ups and downs before he experiences a 100% healing and clearing of those generational issues. He and I both KNOW he will make a complete recovery, though, and he is so very close! The hellish part is behind us. His hair has grown back. He is tall and healthy and full of hope and humor. He pulls straight A’s, has great friends, plays varsity soccerand is about as “down to earth” as they come. He has zero behavioral issues and is one of those kids who just wants to be obedient. He doesn’t appear “odd” or different, in fact, just the opposite. He seems more wise, quietly content, and emotionally articulate.
*UDPATE! This experience has propelled him to develop leadership skills and foster “servant leader” traits. he was voted Student Body Vice President his Senior Year (2015). He will graduate high school with his Associates Degree, and looks forward to serving a 2 year mission for our church after graduation.
He now has deep empathy for those who struggle. We recently saw someone in a public place – a man in his 20’s – who obviously had Trich. There were small bald patches all over his head that were impossible to hide. I saw Noah’s eyes well with compassion for that man. It made me grateful, as a mom, that my oldest child was given a life experience so young that has rendered him less judgmental and more compassionate of others. And more importantly, that has tried his faith to the very edge. He now knows that by turning to God, he can handle ANYTHING.
I remember some of the last parting words of Noah’s psychologist when he witnessed Noah’s miraculous turnaround and sent us on our way. They haunt me to this day: “Man, I wish you could help the mother of this 4 year-old girl I just met with. The little girl has pulled out all the hair on her head, and has now started on her eyebrows and eyelashes.”
I wish I could help her, too. And all sweet little ones who suffer, along with their deeply grieving parents. One of my latest passions has been to share natural tools andmethods of wellness and healing with other mothers, empowering them to be their child’s “first line of defense”, rather than a doctor or practitioner. The morning I woke up and wrote Noah’s treatment plan was perhaps one of the clearest forms of personal revelation I have ever received. I had already been on the path of learning about non-traditional forms of treatment (for years) but it had never come together with such clarity until that morning. I will share it, but please know it was for Noah, and may not work for all children who experience similar issues. Every child’s chemistry is different; physically AND emotionally.
However! I believe that any child or adult who follows this plan could not help but reap amazing physical and mental health benefits.
1) Establish good flora in the digestive tract (Most children with Autism have a “gut/brain” issue that inhibits them from absorbing nutrients and having a “friendly inner ecosystem”): I use a powdered probiotic from the wellness company I am associated with, as well as homemade cultured vegetables and coconut kefir. I learned about the importance of using fermented foods in healing the gut (the fermented coconut milk/kefir and cultured veggies) in a book called Body Ecology by Donna Gates. She has done extensive research on the gut/brain connection. I attended a class on how to make fermented foods by a new friend who runs a colonic clinic, but if you want the recipes for either, they are in that book. I actually cracked coconuts and canned several jars of veggies! Noah takes the probiotic every day, does 1/2 c. coconut kefir in the morning and 1/2 c. raw cultured veggies with dinner.
2) Add high quality supplementation (Our foods are sooo lacking in essential nutrients that there is no way we’re going to get all the vitamins/minerals we need out of our diets…especially a child with those “gut/brain” absorption issues): I give Noah an amazingtrio of supplements from the wellness company I am associated with (see my Natural Solutions purple box section on my site). They have the Omegas, B Complex and other vital minerals and nutrients for brain and digestive health and whole body homeostasis. He responds very well to these and absorbs them easily. I also give him Food Enzymes from this same company, which have a veryefficient delivery system. I also addressed many of Noah’s emotional issues with homeopathic remedies I had at home.
3) Modify the diet : We did a gluten-free diet for about a month. Noah was desperate at the time we started his treatment, so agreed to try ANYTHING at the start, but after that month, he gradually eased back into regular foods. I only allow him soda once every 3 weeks. He’s been inundated with case studies and research info, straight from his mother, about how children with gut/brain issues cannot eat like everyone else. It’s just something he’s going to have to “live with”, just as if he was diabetic or something. He’s kind of losing his desire for soda. We limit dairy because it coats the digestive tract w/ bad mucous.
I have a juicer and every morning (without fail!) I juice for myself and Noah: 2 cucumbers, 1 lemon, 1 lime, 3 stalks celery, 1 green apple. Then I blend a big handful ofraw spinach with ice and water in a blender and liquifiy it, then add it to the juiced mixture. Noah adds liquidstevia(which has Stevia, a natural sweetener). You can find Truvia at Walmart and most grocery stores. Sometimes I add the coconut kefir to this so he doesn’t have to take the kefir plain. Occasionally, I’ll add a couple drops of Lemon essential oil (as a cleanser) as well as other oils as needed.
One of my goals as a mom is to use more raw, whole foods in our family meals. When you cook foods, you lose the enzymes, which affects that gut/brain balance. Raw fruits and veggies and sprouted grains and seeds and nuts…those are stellar for the body. Anything green is amazing.
4) Make physical/spiritual daily lifestyle changes : Daily scripture study (family and personal). Even if he only read 5 minutes a night, I strongly emphasized his need to be endowed with “scripture power” from personal reading. Personal prayer has been huge. I have knelt beside him by his bed as we’ve both taken turns pleading for his “deliverance” during the hellish times. It was quite beautiful, in an “agony of worship” kind of way.
During the day, I encouraged he get out and jump on the trampoline (to get his lymph system flowing/cleared), as well as receiving daily grounding/feet in the Earthandsunshine. Noah and I are still working on the positive thinking aspect. He writes notecards with positive, affirming statements and posts them on his bathroom mirror. He practices the piano every day for a half hour to keep his creativity and left/right brain balance. I can’t quite seem to get him to journal regularly, but we’re working on that, as there is great power in processing through writing. I will occasionally take him through avisualization exercise, where he sees himself healthy, joyful, confident, whole and in perfect balance. I like to do that for him while he’s on my bed getting his oils routine… (the next step)…
5) Do an essential oils routine– This has probably been the most effective treatment angle in Noah’s whole plan. Twice a day, morning and night, I lay him on my bed, turn some soothing music on, and do the following oils application routine: Agrounding blend) andFrankincense (great for the central nervous system) on the bottom of his feet, aCleansing Blend along his spine, Rosemary over his adrenals/kidneys, Grapefruit behind his ears andGeranium over his liver. In the morning, I do AJoyful/stimulating Blendon his forehead and on the back of his neck, and at night I put a Calming Blend or Vetiver on his heart. Finally, I put a Protective Blend on his shoulders.
All of these are certified, pure, therapeutic grade (CPTG) I will occasionally have him drink a couple drops of certain oils, like Lemon and Peppermint and others in water, for cleansing and organ support purposes. At night I put one of those oils in a diffuser and leave it next to his bed so he can have the aromatherapeuticbenefits all night long. This morning/nightly routine has been an amazing bonding time for us. I know it has assisted in his healing greatly at a physical and emotional level. At first, it took us about 20 minutes for the routine, but now we do it in about 5. Most essentialoils companies I’m aware of discourage internal use, so make sure you find one is pure enough to allow internal use. Contact me at for more details, or check out my purple Natural Solutions box on my home page of this site.
Essential oils are truly amazing and potent remedies for cleansing, soothing and getting to the core of virtually every physical and emotional issue. I use them for support several times per day in our home and on my person. I used to think oils were “bunk” — in that “woo-woo” weird category. I’ve since become educated on their usage and have read their impressive clinical trials and research data. After I began using them, I became a big believer… especially since Noah’s grand turnaround. It only makes sense to me that the “intelligence” in many plants God has created house healing properties…
I have explored other healing modalities and alternative therapies with Noah, such as Zone Restoration Therapy, Chiropractic, and Emotional Release/Body Talk Therapy. All of the above combined, I believe, have laid the foundation for our miracle and I am more than willing to visit with any of you about any or all of these 5 components.
Glory be to God for leading me to them!

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