Monthly Archives: October 2010

Those Who Hunger


A couple of weeks ago, I went to pick something up from my friend Jen’s house, thinking I’d be in and out of there and on my merry way – and ended up in an engrossing conversation on her couch for almost 2 hours.  About eating.  Jen’s one of those friends who can speak Truth with courage and frankness, magically helping a mass of emotion to form in my throat by pinpointing exactly what I need to hear.

But somehow resist wanting to.

We hadn’t had a real talk for awhile, and I wanted to hear all about how she’d released 75 pounds from her body in recent months. 

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God’s Girl

I took a fall today after my sister’s wedding.  Tripped over – more like slammed into – a large metal bike rack and fell flat on my stomach.  Scrapes and bruises and sidewalk burns all over my shins, knees and hands.  Yep, it was funny (!), but it was also hu…MIL..iating!  Was feeling a little sorry for myself, being weak and foolish in front of all those people, having to limp around all afternoon and evening.

And then I was reminded of a video a friend had shared on her Facebook page this morning – a video of this glorious daughter of God named Gianna, who limps through her life with Divine purpose…

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