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Give Your Self the Perfect Gift This Christmas

I am convinced that the #1 Truth women resist accepting and comprehending is that of their personal worth.

God our Father – because He’s our Father – wants us to walk this Earth with a knowledge of our Divinity.  He wants us to “get” ourselves…with humility…with an open heart…and with an expansive mind.  Each of us, without exception, have a Divine Nature.  We are created from the holiest, most ancient substance in the Cosmos; everlasting to everlasting.

Why do we resist really internalizing this?

Probably because of our inherent mortal weaknesses, our pathetic physical forms, and our constantly changing and unpredictable environment.  Oh, and the fact that imperfect people all around us are constantly countering every Truth we seek to uncover. 

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I Couldn’t Save Her


Today she would be 40.  I was going to visit her grave – about 15 minutes from my house – and got too busy.  Or maybe I’m just avoiding.  I don’t know…

I do know that five and a half years after my sister’s suicide, I’m still feeling the stinging pain of her loss.  I’ve already been through the anger phase in the grief cycle.  It’s run its course to the extent that about all I can feel angry about anymore is the fact that she’ll never get wrinkles.  So unfair…

I remember spending some time with a mutual friend of ours – a friend Shawna and I spent a lot of time with in our college years –

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