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Mom, I Felt Like He Was With Me…

This is an entry from an old blog of mine – a couple of years ago.  It’s about my only girl, now 12.

Sigh–I miss her at this sweet stage:

Wed, April 1, 2009

My ten year old daughter, Savannah, has had difficulty staying in her bed at night. “I just don’t like being alone,” is her best verbal offering, despite the fact she’s been in her own room since age two.  Why the sudden angst with my most independent child?

At least 20 mornings last month I was waking to find her either cuddled (more like smashed) between me and the nightstand..

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Join me on this journey :-)

emotional eating_illustration

This is going to be the year of healing my food issues.  I feel it – I know it.  It’s gonna happen.

Yesterday Jeff and I took our son Noah to a chiropractic neurologist in Idaho.  That dr. is convinced that most of Noah’s sensory integration issues stem from an autoimmune disorder…largely exacerbated by his diet.  He spent a great deal of time explaining to us the physiological implications of gluten/dairy/soy on his compromised “gut blood barrier.”  Lots of scientific terms, but the bottom line was that his system is way sensitive to these foods and that taking them out of his diet could initiate a major turnaround in his condition. 

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