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God’s Ways Are Not Man’s

woman of samaria

Building upon what I’ve shared in the last couple of posts, regarding the “new” way Jesus the man taught and treated women, I want to share my thoughts on one of the most intriguing and least-understood figures in the New Testament…the Woman of Samaria.  Also known as the Woman at the Well.

On His way to Galilee with His disciples, Jesus was “wearied from his journey” and sat near Jacob’s Well to rest and quench His thirst.   He happened to stop near Samaria, the  Jews’ enemy territory (bold move #1) and approached a woman (bold move #2) to give Him water.

He perceived she’d had 5 husbands and that her current partner was not her husband. 

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Jesus Came to a Woman First

mary magdalene

Today Jeff and I taught our daughter’s Sunday School class – a group of eager and restless 12 and 13 year-olds.  Because it’s Easter Sunday, we tag-teamed the story of the last days of Christ’s life:  the washing of the apostles’ feet, the Last Supper, the prayer in Gethsemene, betrayal and arrest, Crucifixion, burial, Resurrection…

There was a heavy line of demarcation in the room – loud and rambunctious boys on one side, meek and demure girls on the other.   So as not to let our exuberant male audience overpower our less verbose feminine one, I turned to the girls and pronounced, “Ladies, if there’s one thing you remember after this lesson,

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Were Women Slighted in the New Testament?

woman with veil

What was the “collective ideology – prevailing thought “consciousness” – about women back when Christ walked the Earth?  We all know that the Pharisees and Sadducees (the guys in charge) were very rule bound – very “letter of the law.”  What were the customs and traditions that women were bound by back then?

And NOW…what are we denied as women because of the modern, diminished consciousness surrounding the Feminine?  The world just doesn’t get it, and never has.  That’s why I try not to take chauvanism and the angry “it’s a man’s world” femininist movement too seriously.  I realize that it is just absolute ignorance, and could not be further from the peaceable and powerful Truth of our divine feminine identities.

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The Importance of Being STILL Every Day

jesus calling

I am in love with the little book, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  It’s so inspiring the way it’s crafted, being written as if Jesus is speaking directly to you, in a daily devotional format.  Apparently the intimate exchange in Sarah’s moments of stillness with her journal – after reflecting upon certain biblical passages – was how the book was born.  Her March 27th entry is…sigh…thought-provokingly wonderful:

“Be still in My persence, even though countless tasks clamor for your attention.  Nothing is as important as spending time with Me.  While you wait in My Presence, I do My best work within you: transforming you by the renewing of your mind. 

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What Does It Mean to be a GREAT Woman?

I heard this “greatness” list on a group teaching call recently and loved it.  I love it because it affirms my position that “average”, “status quo”, “getting by” and “doing pretty good” is NOT what we were born for…


1. You shall remember who you are.

2. You shall let go of anything that stands between you and your greatness.

3. You shall take the high road in everyday thoughts, words and acts whether anyone is looking or not.

4. You shall Say “Yes” to the Spirit within without reservation.

5. You shall act in Faith.

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