How Can We Teach Our Children to Find Peace?

I saw Kung Fu Panda 2 with my family over the weekend. It was crazy and cute … I loved the emphasis on finding inner peace and its tie-in to self realization.

Jeff and I have pretty much decided that if our children (now in their tweens and early teens) left our home with no other tool than that of accessing their center of peace, we’d have rightly done our job as parents. Peace is everything they’ll ever search for, want, desire, need…above education, relationships, callings, talents, and any material success.

Even if they don’t know it yet.

And how do we show them this way of life? We show them by carrying it within ourselves first. We show them how to receive the Light that heals as it radiates from our own beings. They are healed by our presence, moved by the strength they see us call forth in times of struggle and unrest.

Peace is only accessed, never self-generated. As we teach our children how to surrender to a Power greater than their own a power greater than their parents’ strength they will begin to understand that it is something they must be in a state of “giving up” to receive. We must show them that by relinquishing what they want, they can trust that what they need will soon be forthcoming.

Quite the challenge to teach when Mom is trying to master how to access this herself.

One of the things I frequently drill into my oldest son Noah is that his soul will literally die if he takes study of Truth and connection to the heavens out of his daily routine. Because of the difficult ordeal he passed through last year, he has a degree of knowing that this is the case. Peace was taken from him, as you can read in this post, and it was actually the greatest gift of his young life.

Although that period of time last year was a living hell, I’m grateful for what it’s taught me, and what it’s taught him. We HAD to be proactive, had to search, had to reach for the only Light we knew would heal. It was not casual, but desperate, pleading….what I can only refer to as the “agony of worship.” What could my son do but surrender as I put him on my bed and took him through visualizations, streamed sacred music, took him to that holy place in his heart to find God by His side?

In his torment and desperation, what could my son do but listen as I tried to explain there was One who descended below all things so that he didn’t have to?

It was only in Noah’s acceptance of this that his deliverance came. I could not give this to him or do it for him. It was his choice his private surrender. As a post-script to that entry about his treatment plan, his hair has all grown in thicker and curlier and more handsome than it EVER was, pre-pulling. I couldn’t be more grateful for his healing, and for the things it has taught our entire family.

So as not to be totally flowery in my explanation, here is what I teach my kids about the way of peace and happiness. We call it the Top 5 ways to feel lost, miserable and confused (ie the antithesis of peace):

  1. Stop talking to God in your mind during the day and alone in your room at night
  2. Don’t get “still” and visualize what you really want
  3. Quit reading the Word of God
  4. Hang out with negative people
  5. Listen to thoughts, media and music that don’t hold the Light

I know that even if I teach my children this, show them how it’s done, even by some miracle master it within myself, they’ll leave home and fall flat on their faces. Even then, I must trust that their lesson will be perfect, and will ultimately lead them to a more wise and enlightened path.

Until then, I’ve gotta practice what I preach! And come to that place of trust myself…

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