001: My Family’s Story: Breaking Patterns of Mental Illness (A Discussion with My Sisters) Pt 1

Mental health, depression, and abuse are real issues and those who are suffering desperately need our help. Today I am joined by my two surviving sisters, Robin Jones and Taunia Terry, to dive into our own family history with suicide, abuse and the struggle for mental health and clarity. We are opening up about losing our sister Shawna, our shared and individual childhood traumas, and why we are passionate about stopping the family pattern.

TRIGGER WARNING:  We share personal accounts of ritual abuse, institutionalization, suicide and domestic violence. 

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This is an intense episode about getting real and helping those in need. We identify patterns in our familial lineage, explaining the navigating factors of domestic abuse, and reliving the moment we knew Shawna was gone. While a difficult and emotional topic, these issues are necessary to bring to the surface to help others who are experiencing something similar.

If you are looking for insights to help you get onto the path to healing, we hope that by sharing our story we can help you get out and move forward. An open conversation about how suicide can be a splash of cold water in the face and why we feel a responsibility to share what we have learned; this is an open space of love and healing. Has suicide, mental health issues or abuse impacted your life? Let us know in the comments.


In This Episode (again, TRIGGER WARNING:  We share personal accounts of ritual abuse, institutionalization, suicide and domestic violence.)

  • The earth-shattering, soul-splitting moment of losing a loved one to suicide
  • Giving yourself permission to not tolerate abuse on any level
  • The unconscious knowing that a loved one has passed onto the next life
  • Gaining answers and controlling your own journey in life



“You are not just inheriting your ancestor’s nose or eye color or skin color, you are actually inheriting the emotional debris or trauma that they did not have the opportunity to clear in their lifetime.” (5:46) – Cherie

“Even though we might not remember everything that happens to us, our body does.” (23:09) – Cherie

“I look at who I am now and I am like, who was that woman that would ever allow the level of abuse that I did?” (23:43) -Taunia

“An audible outside voice said ‘You don’t have to live like this’. It was literally outside me – and audible – and it was like a wake-up call.  That’s when I knew I could choose differently.” (27:56) -Taunia

“I remember feeling so angry [Cherie] and yet having compassion for what you just went through. But I wanted you to see my anger about it [your suicide attempt]. I did not want you to have that be your default.  Don’t choose out.” (49:50) – Robin



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  1. Ladies your vulnerability, your courage and your bravery is to be commended. You each are a beautiful gift to the world and I thank you for sharing and being a part of my life.

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