002: My Family’s Story: Breaking Patterns of Mental Illness (A Discussion with My Sisters ) Pt 2

Continuing to explore our family trauma, we are diving into our own personal viewpoints of suicide, why we believe Shawna’s decision was spontaneous and using the resources we have available now to prevent this from happening again. We are digging into why the gut may play a bigger role in depression than we realize, why prescription medications were a fogging agent in Shawna’s decision, and how we viewed her act of suicide as a catalyst for our personal missions.  And there’s more…

TRIGGER WARNING:  We share personal accounts of ritual abuse, suicide and domestic violence. 

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Being messy is a part of life, and we are here to inspire you to choose freedom and your own path. By getting out of the hopelessness and listening to clues from the universe, you can boldly step into a different path and stop living on autopilot.

We can never know what is going on inside someone else’s mind. But by creating a space of open communication, transparency, and love, we can use the tools available to us to prevent suicide and stop this pattern in its tracks. Have you been personally impacted by suicide, mental health issues or abuse? Let us know in the comments.


In This Episode (again, TRIGGER WARNING:  We share personal accounts of ritual abuse, suicide and domestic violence.)

  • Understanding that you do not have to live in your current state of sadness
  • The out of body experience of dressing a loved one after they have passed
  • Becoming hypersensitive to losing members of your family
  • Taking a loss and transmuting it into your own individual path



“I remember standing in front of a mirror and saying, I am not going to live like this.” (2:03) – Cherie

“The perception I had around it was, she was attempting to kill the pain, not to kill herself.” (9:36) – Taunia

“Ultimately, I think that her addiction and the illness compounded. And I just think that the real Shawna was not there. She didn’t have tools. I wanted to find the tools.” (18:43) – Cherie

“I promised her out loud that I would be her voice. And I have never quite felt such a distinctive clarity around my path. It was to be a voice for people who were suffering from emotional, mental or generational issues.  And I haven’t stopped since.” (27:25) – Cherie

“I am grateful for Shawna. I would never want to live through that again, but she really did save our family.” (34:40) – Robin



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Comments 2

  1. Thank you all so much for your heartfelt words and inspiration.
    I totally get the coping mechanism of disconnect as I have journeyed with my daughter who is learning to live with borderline personality disorder.

  2. I have a daughter that has had illegal drug abuse issues. She is diagnosed bipolar. She has also have a Perinoid schizophrenic episode not diagnosed and after 6 months in jail ( breaking her parole). She is doing better. Jail is no place for the mentally ill. It was suppose to be a program for the Mentally ill drug abusers but it was not kind or loving either. Jail is not suppose to be in general.
    They messed up her medications three times. Left her without any for 2 weeks. Everyone with regular meds knows that you don’t ever just quit the meds your on. You have to have help weening slowly off of them.
    Then they didn’t provide one of the meds she was prescribed when they moved her to a new facility. So the gave her another type. That caused her problems.
    She is only allowed to purchase what they sell and make a prophet on. So I could not help her with Essential oils diet or Probiotics ECT.
    She has gained 40 lbs. Which for anyone I’d depressing.
    Only one good thing happened. She did not have access to the drugs and has felt the spirit again I her life. She knows God is watching over her.
    This has been many years of trying to be clean. Her daughter’s have grown up and not had her present in their lives. Even when she is around she was not participating.
    The trust bond is broken. Even if she gets her life together now the Trust will be a long time coming.
    We have suffered as a family stress at not knowing what explosive tantrum would be coming and felt he spirit dwindle.
    We are recovering some but it is long and hard to pull the children ( grand children ) back in to Hope and Healing.

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