005: What is Psycho-Aromacology? Exploring the Science of Essential Oils & Emotion w/ Danielle Daniel

Danielle Daniel has always had a passion for the medical and academic field. A Doctor of Clinical Psychology student with a Masters in Social Work, Danielle has a keen interest in trauma, grief counseling, and the field of psychology. So when she was able to make the connection between brain function and aromatherapy tools, she felt compelled to share what she had learned with others. Today she is combining the powers of medical aromatherapy, essential oils, and psychotherapy in calculated scientific approaches to help her patients heal like never before.

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If you have ever been curious about the power of essential oils and their benefits to your body functions but are unsure of where to start, Danielle is here for you. Today she explains exactly how aroma impacts your neurotransmitters, which mind/body domains essential oils can help improve, her top five essential oils for emotion, plus much more. Danielle combines nutrition, essential oils, talk therapy, environment, and mindset for a holistic approach to emotional well-being that focuses on putting your brain health first.

Eventually, we all go through times of trial in which we need help to understand and forgive on a deep level. Essential oils can help support trauma release, improve your physical body function, and create mental clarity and openness. Danielle is an inspiring advocate who is here to help you let the healing power of aromatherapy into your life. Have you experimented with essential oils? Let us know your favorites in the comment section!


In This Episode

  • Universal themes and discoveries in approaching therapy and healing
  • Bridging the gap holistically to love yourself after trauma
  • Which essential oils you should be reaching for, depending on your mood
  • Supporting your brain and gut health through essential oil chemical compounds
  • Debunking the skepticism around “alternative” modalities of healing



“It’s this beautiful thing when you realize that you are loved, no matter what happened to you.” (8:27)

“What I have found with essential oils, is that they interact with the brain in a positive manner.” (16:59)

“What excites me is when I am working with clients and see the huge changes [essential oils make].” (32:49)

“To me, that’s the beauty. What was created on this planet for us is plants and nutrition; and us just learning to properly use them.  That’s the key” (34:54)

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