007: Being An Emissary of Light on the Stage of Your Life w/ Katie Jo “Drums”

Sound Healer, drum circle goddess, international public speaker, mother of four, and so much more, Katie Jo is a personal powerhouse that has devoted her life journey to helping herself and others know who they truly are. After being catapulted from single mom to keynote speaker at the World Parliament of Religions – and giving her speech completely unscripted -Katie Jo showed the world that she means business. Now, she is here today to help share her eternal light and compassionate spirit.

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If you have ever been curious about the spiritual healing power of a drum circle, how to use religion as a tool to master your own divinity, or are looking for guidance for yourself or others, Katie Jo is here for you. An advocate of being completely open and vulnerable, Katie Jo is pointing the way for other women to be who they really are.

By putting away your agenda and being open to holding hands with those who believe differently than you, you can open yourself up to enlightenment. We are all magnificent beings alike, and Katie Jo is here to help you stay open, humble and clear with your intentions. Have you experienced the power of a drum circle? Let us know in the comments section.


In This Episode

  • Finding your own path before finding your soulmate
  • What it is like to go from a single mom to the keynote speaker at the World Parliament of Religions
  • Truly accepting your divinity and knowing you are enough
  • How millennials are embracing spirituality in favor of religion
  • Exposing corruption by standing in the light of who you are



“It wasn’t until I really felt like I could be on my own two feet, and be strong and completely whole and completely satisfied of my life… regardless of what happened single.” (5:35)

“With every thought and action, we define who we truly are.” (11:05)

“Drum circles are about unity and love and nondenominational connection for all people.” (17:30)

“It’s not me, it’s God. And I am His child. And to me, that is a higher law than any religion.” (34:36)

“When you talk about soul sovereignty, it’s not about being on the stage, it’s not about having an audience; it’s the daily rituals we live in.” (42:52)



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