008: Mothers Waiting for Their Unborn Children and Pre-Birth Encounters w/ Sarah Hinze

Bringing our children “home” (literally and metaphorically) is not easy. We can become lost and frustrated. There is no denying that trusting the process is difficult, but when you allow yourself to open up and be fully committed to hearing God in whatever form that may be,  the longing of your soul starts to flow into your life. Sarah Hinze is an author, researchers and life coach who uses visualization and the power of written words to help women become whole and heal.

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 This episode became a sacred discussion of the “announcing dreams” that preceded the arrival of my last 2 children – and one experience in particular, with “unborn” Eli, that I’ve never shared to more than a handful of people. The experience involved this lady.Whether you are a mother, expectant mother or feel a deep connection to a soul who hasn’t arrived yet, Sarah and I provide insight into how to ensure your heart is open and in the right place. Sarah shares some resources you can use to explore if this is the correct path, how to honor the women who give their gifts to other women’s children, and how to begin looking at various options to bring your children into the physical world.

If things don’t look as though you imagined it doesn’t mean they aren’t still coming from God. By embracing the physical manifestation of God in real life, the remembrances of your pre-mortal existence and announcing dreams through yourself and others, Sarah helps create connections between waiting souls and parents. Have you read any of Sarah’s work after experiencing the trials expressed in this episode? Let us know how she helped you in the comments.

In This Episode

  • Why Sarah knew that Cherie’s son would come in another way
  • Experiencing and seeing the Holy Spirit in miscarriage experiences
  • Submitting to God’s plan for your life to enrich you and the life of your family
  • Giving collective permission to honor the gifts of women
  • Listening to the voice and passion within you that is beating


“These children, these unborn children, these children in our wombs, are incredibly more intelligent than we can comprehend.” (19:44) – Sarah

“It was almost like we had this agreement as spirits that we were going to have this shared experience of sacrifice, tears, longing, love, and sharing the soul of this beautiful boy.” (24:53) – Cherie

“God works in mysterious ways. I have often thought that we think God will come in through the front door, but sometimes He comes through the back door.  And we have to be ready for that, too.” (30:23) – Sarah

“When you lose all hope and your heart is in the right place but you are just so distraught around ‘what’s the point’, that is typically when an angel can show up.” (34:00) – Cherie

“There is a crisis now in Heaven.  There are children that are trying to come but can’t get here. So being open to how they can come is an important part of our Day.” (39:19) – Sarah

“There is now this feeling of ‘Okay, we don’t have to go into spiritual fight or flight, we are together, we made it.’ And now it becomes about how do we love.  How do we really learn to love?” (41:35) – Cherie

“We are in a time where women, their voices, their talents their gifts, are needed and accepted in this world; more than we have ever been accepted.” (48:54) – Sarah


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