023: Never Give Up: A New Way to Look at Adoption w/ April Fallon

Technically, we are all adopted (if you ascribe to the idea of God and heavenly parentage). This episode is an incredible discussion on WAITING. Have you ever had a dream that just doesn’t seem to be happening but you can’t let it go—it just “lives” in you?  Even though you may not be personally touched by adoption, you will find this discussion meaningful – it’s about never giving up. 

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    In this episode:

  • Follow the “peace” – YES – but sometimes you have to Follow the “chaos”
  • How to discern whether or not you have a child waiting to come to you
  • Why is WAITING such a powerful practice?


April Fallon is the adoptive mother of four children. She has a background in family counseling, which she applied while working and living in Africa for three years. She met with success working in TV and radio for more than a decade when she and her husband, Noah, started their first adoption journey. Three adoptions later and while working at CBS that she decided to take a leap of faith and start talking about her adoption experience on air. It all started with her own radio program that eventually turned into the international podcast you hear today.

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Women Seeking Wholeness Podcast 023: Never Give Up: A New Way to Look at Adoption w/ April Fallon

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