026: Living Your Story Intentionally w/ Lori Lee

No one’s story turns out how they dreamed it would be! Sometimes it exceeds our expectations, but oftentimes it’s a series of massive let-downs. What if…things are unfolding EXACTLY – perfectly – as they are meant to…even if you feel like you’ve totally screwed up?  Join “Love Your Story” podcast host, author, coach, and speaker Lori Lee as we discuss becoming whole by embracing your story!  

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In this episode:

  • You must pass through “rites of passage” – cloaked in pain – in order to qualify for the empathy needed to serve others powerfully
  • Why do our minds automatically default to a negativity bias?
  • What do you do when you’re in a dark place? (hint: It usually indicates you are at a pivotal crossroad!)
  • How do you reframe your past, and integrate it, in order to claim wholeness?

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“Healing wasn’t meant to be complicated!”

Here are those brand spankin’ new Soul Declaration Cards I referenced in the intro! They are a powerful tool for reframing the mind and stepping into your YOU-NESS!

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Women Seeking Wholeness Podcast 026: Living Your Story Intentionally w/ Lori Lee


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