029: Mary Magdalene Pt 1: The Trinity of True Love

This is the first in our 6-Part Mary M series! And who better to start us out most epically than my new soul sister, Sera Beak.  She is an author, speaker and Harvard-trained theologian… and a powerful Divine Feminine mystic and scholar. As we’ll discuss in this episode, Mary Magdalene was the most named and most present at all major events in the life of Christ – so why has she been edged out of mainstream Christianity? The Gnostic Gospels call her “apostle to the apostles.”  Again, why has her voice been squelched?           

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In this episode:

  • Trusting innate wisdom: Sera explains, “Your soul knows exactly what she is doing.”
  • The Real Jesus/the Real Magdalene as the embodiments of the Divine Masculine/Sacred Feminine
  • Establishing your soul voice while the Rise of the Feminine is upon is (and sisters…it IS upon us!)
  • Co-opting a deeper truth, a new paradigm of the Organic Feminine; natural, powerful, free and sovereign


I will be at Sera’s Soul Fire Retreat in North Carolina the week after this episode airs and I am giddy with anticipation! Check out Sera’s work on her website

“Healing wasn’t meant to be complicated!”

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Women Seeking Wholeness 029: Mary Magdalene Pt 1: The Trinity of True Love


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