037: Exhaustion vs. Expansion

“There is a silent revolution taking place…This is a new type of revolution, the type that has not been written about in history books. This revolution is giving birth to Revolutionaries and not Reactionaries. These Revolutionaries see beyond the tribal creeds that have been rooted upon fear and upon territory. You can distinguish between the Reactionaries and the Revolutionaries because the Reactionaries base their reforms on fear, anger, scarcity, and emotional prejudices. Revolutionaries, on the other hand, do not provoke further reaction, instead, they seek to resolve conflicts while also implementing radical change based on a grander vision for the future. Revolutionaries, like Jesus, are not anchored in fear –they are anchored in a deep goodwill toward all creatures.”

Who says stuff like this?!

My revolutionary friend Wendi, that’s who. Wendi Jensen has been an author, speaker and trainer in the healing arts and human development for over 15 years. She is known for her rare gift of teaching others how to navigate their own mind viruses and take ownership of their mind. Because of her own painful and disorienting experience of faith crisis and religious transition, she has dedicated her gifts and her practice to helping those who are also in different forms of transition to claim their new identity, find stability, and make progress toward their new life. She is the author of two books and has created multiple online courses. She is quickly becoming known as the Second-Life Midwife –helping people rebirth themselves into the life of their dreams.

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In this episode:

    • Why do people mistake religion for the “destination” instead of a “vehicle” to the destination?
    • How do you actualize the “sacred self” that transcends belief systems and human structures?
    • Why our #1 need as human beings is to GROW (which typically happens in the form of inner conflict)
    • What is the biggest source of self-contempt and how does this impede spirituality?

Link to Wendi’s book The Healing Questions Guide 

Wendi’s Website  

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