About Cherie Burton

bioheadshotI grew up playing house and cradling dolls and, as a little girl, knew – with clarity extraordinaire – that I would someday immerse myself in Mommyhood. Yet, I also had this inbred certainty my soul would be bursting to express itself in venues outside the rocking chair and minivan.

I know I was born to write and speak because I could practically do them all day, every day. I can’t not do them. I spent a lot of crazy days in Mother Guilt until I realized I’d have to give myself the go-ahead to be in my creative happy place. Hence, the Permission to Shine thing. I love discovering truth and cultivating beauty, leading other women to the places theirs can be found, helping them to discover the power of their voices. Hence, the Stand, Speak, Shine thing.

They say your “mess” becomes your message, and my life and teachings are certainly no exception to that. Aside from scrambling to find the balance between my mission and motherhood, I have a family pedigree riddled with mental illness. I’ve lost people I cherish to depression and have had my own showdowns with the disease. Hence, The Depression Cleanse thing.

Most of us hold back because of self-consciousness and fear, whether on a stage in front of thousands or in the home with our hubbies and kiddos. God needs women who will speak up, stand up, shine forth and be a “city set on a hill” (even in the most bumbling and imperfect ways). I love Marianne Williamson’s take on “showing up” in her brilliant work, The Law of Divine Compensation:

“A child of God doesn’t have to ‘look for a job’; a child of God doesn’t have to ‘figure out what to do’; a child of God doesn’t have to worry about ‘how to make ends meet.’ A child of God is simply a magnet for all things good. The YOU who thinks life is a struggle, or a place where you’re on your own, is not the real you. The real you already has a God-given function, and the universe is set up to support it…”


FamilyPic_2015Cherie and her husband Jeff live in Utah with their 5 children. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and a Minor Degree in Sociology from the University of Utah, and has held group therapist positions at a psychiatric hospital, a residential facility for teen boys, an adoption/birthmother support group, and was Family Education Director for an addiction recovery center.

A self-proclaimed “late bloomer,” Cherie challenged herself to embark on a childhood dream and began competing in pageants as a mother of young children. In 2004, with the social platform, Inspiring Greatness in Girls, Cherie was crowned Mrs. Utah. Ironically, Cherie’s own sister, Shawna – mother of five – was losing her own battle with self-worth that same year. On April 29, 2005, three weeks before Cherie was to pass on her title, Shawna committed suicide. In Cherie’s words, “It changed everything.” Devastated and grief-stricken, her fervor and passion for increasing self-awareness in women took on a more intense and personal meaning.

queensShortly after her sister’s death, Cherie was invited by Utah’s Attorney General to sit on the State Suicide Prevention Task Force. For years she was involved in mental health advocacy work, giving speeches on depression at black-tie galas, in churches, at the Mental Health Association and Department of Human Services, at Utah’s Suicide Prevention and Awareness Walk, and on television and radio. In 2006 she wrote the book, Where Depression Ends and You Begin ( now taken out of print and rewritten as The Depression Cleanse ) and created the company, Blue Rose Wellness.

Cherie has coached many women in image and confidence transformation, including students, homemakers, business owners, professionals and pageant contestants. She has trained a number of females who went on to win local, state and national pageant titles and spent time as the Director of the Mrs. Utah United States Program as well as Training Coordinator of the Miss Utah USA Program.

Because of her extensive family history of depression and suicide, Cherie began searching for natural ways to achieve biochemical balance and manage mood. Her search led to powerful “integrative” tools such as herbal medicine, therapeutic grade essential oils, chelated minerals, EFT, mindfulness and other complementary forms of emotional release and sensory restoration. She and her husband Jeff mentor and support many thousands through their international organization, Blue Rose Wellness. Cherie travels throughout North America, Asia and Australia, sharing with large audiences her research on Calming Stress, Balancing Emotions and Lifting Mood…Naturally.

Her book, The Depression Cleanse: Healing and Balancing the Whole Body Through the 6 Senses is the culminating work of over 20 years of extensive research and “in the trenches” outreach with those suffering from depression, addiction and anxiety.

Cherie was Utah County’s Young Mother of the Year for 2011 through the American Mothers Association and considers being a Wife and Mother her highest calling and greatest avenue of wonder and fulfillment. Her next book project, And She Was Made Whole, will be a memoir on the joys, losses, heartaches, traumas and miracles she has experienced with mothering.