Watch this to learn about the 12 Principles of Spiritual Eating


Women friends,

I don’t know about you, but I feel that letting food obsession continue to have dominion over my thoughts is no way to live!

Join me for this personal, real and very powerful online program, and…

What I have learned – the hard way! – is that no matter how effective the physical cleansing/weight loss programs we may go on, there will NEVER be lasting weight control without releasing emotions (the emotions that put the weight on to begin with).

We must address the spiritual art of eating and enjoying – rather than obsessing over – food.

How would it feel to be free of obsessing about food, your body,
and your lack of power when it comes to overeating?

A life changing e-Course – and say goodbye to dead weight forever!

I believe it IS entirely possible to fully overcome eating issues in 12 weeks. In this 3 month journey, I will take you through a powerful process that, if followed, WILL heal your unhealthy attachment to food…for life. Learn how to lose mental and emotional weight as well as physical weight, releasing your fears/anxiety around the eating experience, taking the power out of food.

What’s nice about this program is that it can complement any structured cleanse or eating program…
simply because its emphasis is on the emotional/spiritual aspects of when, why and how we eat.

12 Week Challenge Online Course Email
This is designed as a 12 Week Challenge, but you can “string it out” for longer & marinate on the principles taught weekly. After your 12 Weeks, you can go back & listen to and learn from this program over and over again…for life!
Weekly audio messages
Weekly step by step instructions through slide shows, articles and worksheets
Weekly e-inspiration letters and “challenges”
Super Slim Down Eating Plan (to lose 5 lbs/wk)
Lifetime “Eating for Radiant Health & Energy” e-Guidebook
Food/Body Image Journal
Daily Creation Worksheets
Exercise Planning Logs
Teleseminars with Guest Experts on Fitness, Spirituality, and Body Image
Lifetime Access   to all the audios, slideshows and meal plans


and…these awesome bonuses from Krissy Rich, Breakthrough’s Group Coach:
“Buddy System” accountability partner – optional, but highly recommended! (We will match you with another person going through the program to report “progress and problems” – sharing your wins and losses – DAILY!)
Facebook group support with daily inspirational posts and group sharing
4 live, PERSONALIZED, interactive group calls with Krissy Rich, Blissful Body Mentor and Mother of 6 girls

Conquering food obsession is not as daunting as it seems…that is, when done gently and thoroughly, with the right tools and support. This 12 Week Challenge will be a spiritual mind/body approach to eating, weight loss and fitness – through inner wisdom and intuitive mind/body integration. I am convinced this is the ONLY way to obtain real and lasting weight loss.

Please journey with us !