Sacred Feminine

& Whole Body HEALING 

Sacred Feminine
soveriegnty & WHOLE BODY HEALING

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  • A 6-Minute feminine power meditation to begin each day with a creation mindset
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Are you searching for a deeper understanding and connection to the divine feminine, and most especially to your true self? Are you in the midst of a metamorphosis, undergoing an "unraveling" or Dark Night of the Soul experience?  For purpose-driven and spiritual women like you, this is a necessary rite of passage. 

Transitional stages of our lives can be profoundly disorienting and overwhelming...  and that's when powerful direction during your sacred feminine awakening becomes vital.

This beloved course will guide you to the voice of your soul for authentic transformation & awakening. 




REGISTRATION OPEN!~ We start the first day of Spring March 19th!
A 6-Month Sacred Feminine Circle for Your Self-Actualization, Sovereignty & Soul Calling.

Heal Your Heart + Release Old Patterns * 

Step Confidently into Your Soul Calling  * 

Embrace Your Feminine Energy + Power * 

Connect with Other Soulful Women + Forge Lifelong Friendships * 



Get your marriage back on track with solutions that work. This 4-Step Process healed my marriage of 25 years (after almost a year of separation and near divorce in 2019).  Authentic, enduring love, deep understanding, and shared passion IS possible. YOUR MARRIAGE IS WORTH SAVING!




On this show, we get to the heart of things, and we go deep.

Bold, compassionate & compelling conversations integrating the Sacred Feminine, Consciousness & Soul Evolution, Spiritual Awakening, Healing, Mothering, Creation, Soul-Preneuring & Feminine Leadership.

Get practical pointers on embodying your Soul’s Purpose during this pivotal time of human “her-story.”

We are coming out of the longest Dark Age ever (the squelching & silencing of the Feminine).

This is YOUR time. 


Client love


"Just over 3 years ago, I hit one of the lowest and darkest moments of my life, I had been spiraling down into an intense Dark Night of the Soul and found myself on the floor of my closet, face down in a pile of dirty laundry so my children wouldn't hear me wailing in grief.  For 3 years, I allowed myself to sit in stillness and darkness and let go of EVERYTHING I knew. I took in so much information during that time and was understanding things conceptually, yet struggled to fully KNOW and EMBODY the essence of what I was learning. I was making big outward changes... yet still felt myself spiraling through the same old patterns, beliefs and fears internally.  Soon after I committed to simply being still with whatever wanted to arise, STAND SPEAK SHINE presented itself to me. This course was the KEY in guiding me step by step into integrating and EMBODYING everything I've learned over the past 3 years!
Cherie does a beautiful job of organizing and presenting each concept and providing easy-to- implement actions that walked us through a deeply somatic awareness of surrender and self- sovereignty. Through these very simple practices I was finally able to hear, feel and KNOW my own inner voice and inner authority and see with such clarity. This course brought me exactly what I needed at exactly the right moment in my life. I have never felt more sure, more grounded, more empowered, and more at ease with my beautiful, sensual, wild feminine self than I do right now! Thank you so much, Cherie. I have no doubt what you have created has been divinely inspired and is so needed for the path that lies ahead for all of us powerful feminine creators!"

—Valerie Nordquist, Medicine Woman & Healer

“Working with Cherie has opened my eyes to my strengths, my gifts, and the unique offerings I have to give to my fellow man. I love her gentle and effective coaching, without hype. She has guided me to the skills and tools I need to share my offerings via media outreach, social networking, and personal presentations. She inspires me to embrace my divine femininity, a power so few women really understand. This is a power that draws others to us. Cherie is a powerful role model and teacher and always uplifts and inspires me with great wisdom and knowledge that I may give the best that is within me.” 

–Sarah Hinze, Author & Life Coach

"STAND SPEAK SHINE enabled me to deeply connect with my soul path. I can honestly say,  'I have found my way.'  If your desire is to align with your higher purpose, then look no further - you will find your way with Cherie."

 Chantal Coetzee, Emotions Coach  



What you are seeking is also seeking you.

There is nothing more beautiful to behold than a woman waking up to the truth of Who She Is.

I guide women to share & express their souls’ unique gifts so they can be seen & heard as inspired feminine leaders & wayshowers.

My courses, programs, retreats, and multi-sensory tools guide you—the rising feminine leader—to speak your truth, glow with radiant health, hold a confident presence, heal your emotions, and connect to your true essence... so you can show up and and do what you were born to do!