I'm Cherie, and this is why I started using essential oils.

I am a Soul Work Practitioner who specializes in the science and spirituality of multisensory healing & feminine empowerment.  

My mission is to help people experience healing breakthroughs.

I began my¬†holistic¬†health journey when one of my children had a health crisis. I started researching like crazy and talked to people in the alternative health world.¬†One of them led me to¬†dŇćTERRA essential oils.¬†

This practitioner put together an essential oils and supplement protocol for my child, which we then implemented with consistency.

Watch more about how and why I got started with essential oils below. 

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The First Breakthrough

After a couple of months, this child of mine had a pronounced shift in their health, one that left our doctor dumbfounded.  The doc asked me what I used and I told him about this new essential oils company called dŇćTERRA, then showed him which oils I'd been using.  The doctor said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” 

This was the first of many health breakthroughs (especially on the emotional level)  that myself, my family, my friends, my clients, and the thousands of others I have worked with over the years have experienced with essential oils.

Personally speaking, essential oils became a powerful self-care tool; a catalyst for emotional & physical support unlike anything I'd ever used on myself. 

Helping Others Find Healing 

My child turned to me in the car after that doctor appointment in 2010 and said with total sincerity, “Mom, you should tell other moms about what we did.”  

This mother and child experience - along with my intense drive to transform generational patterns - is ultimately why I began deeply researching & teaching about mind-body science & the science behind essential oils... with a passionate specialization in emotional release work.

I have found immense joy and fulfillment in educating families & empowering women to receive the gorgeous benefits of what I feel is Mother Nature's most potent cleansing, lifting, calming, balancing & anchoring multisensory tool (oils!).

Beyond the Walls of My Home 

My research & teaching path took on a life of its own, extending beyond using oils at home to speaking on stages throughout the world. In 2016, I became a dŇćTERRA Presidential Diamond leader. I call our team the Soul Essentials Tribe.

Essential oils aren't a new thing; they've been used therapeutically (and by indigenous shamans) for thousands of years. Scent is a complex & powerful spiritual pathway. I've been fascinated studying the history of the Ancient Feminine Art of Anointing, and have journeyed through Wisdom Tradition apprenticeships & Mystery Schools to dive deeper into spiritual alchemy with essential oils.

One of the most exciting aspects of my career path with emotional & aromatherapeutic science  is something I co-created with my sister Robin Jones and two other Master Coaches called the Essential Emotions© Breakthrough Process. We train people to become certified coaches, empowered to take their clients through a simple, proven process of emotional release with essential oils.

I love what I do!

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