Cherie Burton



What would it feel like to “admit” your wants? What would it feel like to give yourself permission to want what you want and to change your mind whenever you want?

We are “wanting machines” – as Abraham Hicks says. Wanting is holy; it’s built into us.

My conversation with Lana Shlafer on Women Seeking Wholeness (Episode 113: Manifest a Miracle) this week was about this whole ACT OF ALLOWING YOURSELF TO WANT…and I brought up Lilith.

Lana was like, “Lilith? Never heard of her. Who’s Lilith?"

To which I responded, “I can’t. Just Google her…there’s so much.”

Lilith is a complicated figure, to say the least. I love the idea of her.

Lilith is an ancient Hebrew mythical figure of the early world, “one whose home, hope, and Eden were passed to another woman – Eve.” It’s an interesting legend, Lilith being Adam’s first wife. Some equate her with the demonic realm, painting her as a female Lucifer. Many say the true meaning of her identity and story was actually demonized by the patriarchy.

Most historians would agree she’s a completely sovereign, emancipated and empowered human female, not “from a rib.” As the story goes, Lilith chose to exile herself from Eden rather than take the future passive role of punishment, shaming, diminishment or subordination. I feel like she represents the archetype of the fierce, free, embodied Creatress.

I brought the mythical Lilith into the conversation with Lana because we were talking about how some interpretations of the story of Eve have kept the feminine silenced and submissive to serve the purposes of unhealthy masculine establishments.

The story for millennia has been thus: Women wanting things is dangerous. It leads to things like … humanity’s demise.

Old structures haven’t known what to do with a woman in her natural state of desire. They’ve oversexualized this state and have made it about manipulation, temptation, falling from Grace, deception…

Basically all things “inappropriate.”

“A woman’s intensity makes everyone uncomfortable, including herself. We were taught to be nice, not angry, even when our own lives and sanity are at stake.” – Patricia Lynn Reilly

It is completely APPROPRIATE for you, a woman, to have strong, palpable, authentic DESIRES.

When a woman admits that she has wants, desires, and dreams – and makes them KNOWN – then she will KNOW what she needs to know.

Once Eve (and Lilith!) acted on their desires, they came into their own KNOWING.

Desire is risky and adventurous and holy. Spiritual law demonstrates that desire precedes faith.

Creation always starts with desire. If we don’t “know” what we want, we won’t “know” what to create. Desire and want are what actually pull things to us, as in sheer spiritual magnetism.

I have processed with so many women in workshops over the years who have deferred their wants and outsourced their inner knowing for so long that they have no idea what to even dream about anymore. If this has been you, it’s not too late. It’s never too late to write a new I-want-what-I-want script for your life.

What will you make of The Creation Story? And YOUR Creation Story?