Cherie Burton



These are my babies, 7 years ago this month…at the height of their innocent glory.

In honor of Mothers Day and lessons learned from my children continuing to raise me, I have come up with Twelve Reasons to Learn at the Feet of Our Children:

1) Your child (depending on how old you were at his or her birth) has received at least 20 more years of heavenly training than you did. In my youngest’s case, 32. (Isn’t that the equivalent of like 4 PhD’s?)
2) Your child’s spirit is most likely older than yours. We only know who the Firstborn was, and beyond that, heavenly birth order remains one of His mysteries. Quite possibly, we are raising little Ancient Ones.

3) Your child holds unique gifts that weren’t as “needed” in your time, and maybe didn’t even exist. His or her training was specific to this generation, and to the exponential growth and “speeding up” of the Earth. (Case in point: how long does it take YOU to figure out computer and techno-stuff vs. THEM)?

4) Your child’s spirit realizes there is much to be done in very little time. Yeah, we had those spiritual/emotional programs running in our childhoods too, but it’s a different level for them. The urgent sense of mission inherent in their generation manifests itself as hyperactivity, hypersensitivity, and multi-sensory perception. Not necessarily ideal traits in a kid, but once they grow into themselves (even if it isn’t until the Millennium)…watch out.

5) Your child cannot understand (nor tolerate) hypocrisy. The Sadducees and Pharisees wouldn’t stand a chance – your kid would see through them just as they see through you. (It’s not like they expect perfection in their mother, only that she walks her talk).

6) Your child’s specific core spirit personality has been sent directly to you as a divine tutorial. Whatever you’re weak in, they will magnify it, simply by being who they are. (A beautiful opportunity for you to open the windows of awareness and healing that you’ve closed in the past).

7) Your child cares less about appearances and more about acceptance. (And how contrary is THAT to how the “natural woman” wants to parent?)

8) Your child will almost always look, think, feel and act differently than you expect. If they were the living embodiment of your dream child, how could the divine mandate of opposition in all things be fulfilled to help each of you grow? (Paralleling that, the Spirit almost always prompts us to do something different than we were setting out to do. Parenting this generation, whose personalities are so foreign to our understanding and comprehension, is a bold walk of sheer faith).

9) Your child is a master at living in the Present. (I believe if you live by the Spirit –in the moment– with a child, you will learn to walk the roads of your highest good).

10) Your child is helping to raise the light levels of this Earth in preparation to receive the Savior. If your child was not here, the light level would decrease that much more. (And to think…the Lord has trusted YOU to help sustain that light as his or her earthly steward)!

11) Your child’s love and acceptance of you, and of all people, is pure and holy. There is a simpleness, a tenderness that resides in their little hearts which holds supreme healing powers. (If you look into their eyes long enough and deep enough, you will discover everything that really matters, and every mystery revealed. Divine Order manifests itself plainly every time one gazes upon a child).

12) Your child (to quote Jesus Christ) is “the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”