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The Stand Speak Shine Course

A Divine Feminine Empowerment Program for Women.

Are you searching for a deeper connection to the divine feminine, and honestly want to understand more about what this actually is...who SHE actually is?
When you connect to HER, you connect to YOU.

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A Self-Led, 12 Week Feminine Transformation Course
  • Speak Your Truth

  • Magnify Your Feminine Energy

  • Define Your Soul Path

  • Live the 12 Feminine Embodiment Practices

  • Transform Your Body with Super-Beauty & High Energy

    GET: • A High-Vibe Online Community • Videos, Audios, Meditations & Monthly Live Q&A with Cherie •Lifetime Access
    •$222 •
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    Mend Your Marriage

    Get your marriage back on track.

    Authentic, enduring love IS possible. YOUR MARRIAGE IS WORTH SAVING!

    →Losing hope for having a happy, fulfilling, passionate marriage?
    →Tried other solutions that haven't worked?
    →Worried that your partner won't change or that you can't change?
    →Feeling like your marriage might be "unsalvageable"?.


    In this course you will learn how to:

    • Be totally present with yourself first, then your partner

    • Rewrite your love story

    • Love more + fight less

    • Magnetize your partner back + grow PASSIONATE about each other again

    • Come back to center as a couple to get your marriage back on solid ground

    • Powerfully communicate for deep understanding

    • Become aware of the deepest, realest, most raw issues in your marriage

    • Are you ready to do the work needed?
      •One Payment of $99 •

      Private Mentorship withCherie

      1 year program

      Work with Me
      Work with Cherie and receive focused, personalized guidance in the building and expansion of your soul path, abundance, beauty and relationships.

      Be held in a space of gentle but bold accountability to rise to your authentic self and practice the “secrets” of Queenly power & influence. Get into flow of the new Feminine Leadership Paradigm and craft a profitable business strategy map, based upon your gifts, soul path and values to heal our hurting world. Actually claim beauty, emotional health & spiritual wholeness. Dive deep into your Sacred Style Archetype© and embody your most beautiful self with wardrobe, makeup, hair and colors that magnetize people and opportunities to you for your soul’s highest unspoken expression.


      Women's Wisdom Circle

      A 6-Month Group Coaching Program Guided by Cherie Burton

      Next Session: Spring 2023

      Our focus will be on:

      Supporting Your Death/Rebirth Transition (to the Authentic You) Healing Your Beautiful Heart Stepping Confidently Into Your Soul Calling (True Life Mission) Embracing Your Feminine Energy & Power ...and Creating Vibrant Mental Health